Toyama Local Hanami Party

HELLO EVERYONE! Toyama Social here!

So after a not-too-bad winter, it is nevertheless approaching the time we traditionally come out from under our kotatsu, take off the other one we finally managed to science into a jacket and gather together to sit under cherry blossom trees and relax in the plesant spring weather.

As in previous years we’ll be setting up camp in Takaoka Kojo Koen, only a few minutes from the north side of Takaoka station and chock full of more beautiful no-filter-necessary, but certainly filter-ready sakura than your phone can be shaken at.

We'll be on the small hill overlooking the main area, which, if you're coming from the direction of the station, walk towards the Imizu Shrine and it will be on your left.

We’ll be meeting up at about noon, though myself and Haley shall be pottering about from around 11am in case anyone shows up a pinch earlier.

Please bring along your own drinks and snacks and indeed any footballs, frisbees or anything you think might be good for a laugh!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Event date
Free (*Please bring along your own drinks and snacks)
Kojo 1-1, Takaoka, Toyama

Shunsuke Tani


Leader of the local bicycle group who was born and grew up in Takaoka