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Team Takaoka

Team Takaoka – the largest bicycle group in all of Takaoka. The team managed to change the course featured in the ‘Tour De Noto’, Japan’s third biggest cycling road race, bringing the cycle route all the way to the city of Takaoka. Shunsuke is currently working as the leader of a group of forerunners taking on the mission to popularize cycle road racing in the city of Takaoka.

The Enjoyment of Cultural Exchange through Road Racing

Making it all the way to the national basketball championships during his university days and continuing to play long after graduation, Shunsuke was a gifted basketball player. However, due to an inflicted sports injury, Shunsuke swapped his basketball for a bike and decided to start competing in bicycle road racing and triathlons at the age 30. A natural-born athlete, Shunsuke even went on to complete the IRONMAN TRIATHLON; a race considered to be one of the most difficult sporting events in the world.

“While it’s always fun beating your best-time, there also lies another kind of enjoyment with racing.” This enjoyment is of course the opportunity to meet a wide array of people from all kinds of backgrounds through cycling. Drinking parties held two nights before any race is the norm in the cycling world. Forgetting all about the approaching race, the participants get together and engage in enthusiastic discussions about cycling over a drink or two; the celebrations lasting long into the night. It is said there isn’t a good athlete who can’t handle their drink — A strong liver a requirement for any top athlete.

A Practice Route to be Proud Of

Shunsuke’s practice route is one which is focused around the local area. In Toyama, you are never too far away from both the sea and the mountains, with many cycle routes blessed with many slopes and varying inclines. Furthermore, thanks to the construction of many different cycle routes, you can enjoyably ride around many areas of great beauty. Some of these routes pass along the shoreline of Toyama Bay, selected as part of the World’s Most Beautiful Bay Club in 2014. Aside from this, there are also routes which pass by the houses scattered across the Sankyoson landscape in Tonami Plains, which boasts one of Japan’s most beautiful sceneries.

Based upon his years of experience and knowledge, Shunsuke will tailor the perfect cycle course suitable for all of the different needs and levels of his guests. The tour where Shunsuke takes guests to different locations reflective of the local area is a top recommendation. The option to be able to arrange and customize special tours which can be enjoyed from beginners to experienced road racers is also a true selling point.

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