Takaoka Great Buddha Festival

This year, on the 23rd of September, the Takaoka Great Buddha Festival will be held.

On the day, the yearly cleaning ceremony where the Buddha statue gets purified and cleaned is held. The people responsible for the festival and 10 other people selected amongst the public will be climbing the Buddha statue while wearing white clothes. It is only on this day that people are allowed to climb above the Lotus of the Great Buddha statue, and the people climbing the statue express their gratitude to the grace of the Great Buddha while putting their greatest efforts into cleaning. The cleaning is the highlight of the festival and makes the Takaoka Great Buddha Festival a very special event.

After the cleaning, a staircase for regular people to climb the front of the statue gets set up. From the top of the statue (under the Lotus where only the people dressed in white were allowed) people can pay their respects from very close.

From 2 pm a prayer for the traffic safety of the people in the city is held. The head priest of the Gokuraku Temple comes and prays together with the Great Buddha for no traffic accidents in the following year.

(By Emil Andersen)

Event date
14:00 - 16:00
2,000 yen (White clothes and Lunch box are included.)
Otemachi 11-29, Takaoka, Toyama