The realization of Japanese and American craftsmen’s collaborating with Anime

“Kuromukuro”, the Japanese mecha anime television series currently being streamed to 190 countries by Netflix Inc., unveiled its collaborative project with two of the top creative groups in Japan and America at one of the USA’s biggest anime conventions, Otakon 2016.

On Saturday 13th August, TakaOtacraft, a creative group operating in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, and Baltimore Knife and Sword, a blacksmith company based in Baltimore, USA, appeared at a panel discussion and screening event where the two groups unveiled their beloved creations inspired by the characters and weapons from the hit anime series “Kuromukuro”.

TakaOtacraft is a creations team which was formed in Toyama Prefecture, Japan’s capital in metal casting production, by a group of young craftsmen who love popular culture such as anime, manga, and games. Working hard to further develop the fusion of Takaoka’s traditional metal craft industry with anime memorabilia, the men from TakaOtacraft created a bust from Takaoka copperware of the Black Relic, the leading mecha character from the hit series “Kuromukuro”. TakaOtacraft used their own unique methods to recreate the worn and weathered 450 year old appearance of the Black Relic through the medium of copperware.

Baltimore Knife and Sword Co. is a creative group achieving world-wide fame through their YouTube series, “MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED” in which the members of the team recreate iconic blades, knives, and daggers which appear in well-known anime series, movies, and games. The team decided to make the sword of Kennosuke Tokisada Ousama, the main protagonist featured in “Kuromukuro”. Focusing on the fact that “Kuromukuro” is a Japanese-made television series, Baltimore Knife and Sword Co. used materials sourced from Japan and because of this they were able to produce a solid, excellently formed blade which exudes the essential nature of a Japanese katana (sword).

Kenji Horikawa, representative of P.A. WORKS, and vocalist MICHI who was featured on the end credits song during the opening three months of “Kuromukuro”’s premiere season, also made an appearance at the event. In a venue packed with over 500 manga and anime aficionados, the panel discussed the note-worthy features of the show which has recently been aired in America.


(By Nick Lavin)

Shiro Dougu

Metal Caster

There is a company that has pioneered a completely new artistic genre by combining traditional handicrafts with a unique subsect of anime culture.