TOYAMA TABLE #1 (Takaoka Lacquerware)

A place that you can learn the history and culture of "food" and "manufacturing" has been established in Toyama, direct from creators themselves: TOYAMA TABLE.
The first round, which will start in August, is "Takaoka Lacquerware." Please join us and come in contact with Toyama’s charm, which was too close to touch, until now.

On that day, we will invite Takeshi Musashigawa of Musashigawa Studio and Kotaro Kunimoto of Lacquerware Shop Kunimoto, who support Takaoka lacquerware craftsmanship, to talk about Takaoka lacquerware and share some of their experiences.

Starting with "what is lacquerware?" we will be able to elicit a world which is known only to craftsmen; the process and decoration up to completion and how to use and handle lacquerware once completed. In the latter half of the event we will have the opportunity to learn from the craftsmen themselves how to decorate chopsticks in mother-of-pearl. Of course you can take home the chopsticks you have made!

By the way, these chopsticks lead into the following plan.

We will prepare a dinner party after the experience where you can enjoy talking more in depth about the guest talk with the craftsmen.

(By Natsue Ohno and Ariel Kane)