Japanese sweet highly praised by a Hollywood actress

A Front Row editor said that Mia Wasikowska, the leading actress of Alice Through the Looking Glass, which was released July 1st in Japan, was impressed with a Japanese sweet. Mia visited Japan with the director and producer of the movie last week. At the press conference, the table was arranged with Japanese specialties. Of these products, a hedgehog-shaped Japanese-style sweet caught her attention.

She was interviewed by the Front Row editor the next day of the press conference; “There was a hedgehog-shaped cake that I ate. I believe the contents to be adzuki (red bean). It was very delicious and I liked it.” She said with a smile that she liked the details in particular and that it was clearly a quality product of Japan.

The Japanese sweet that she said was delicious is the Japanese confection “nerikiri*” named “the hedgehog” provided by HIKIAMIKOGETSUDO, a confectionery shop in Takaoka, Toyama. About the confection: it has an outer portion of “nerikiri-an” and a core of pureed “adzuki-an (bean paste).” “Every confection is entirely homemade, and we are much honored and glad to hear she liked it”, the shop staff said.

Nerikiri* – Japanese confectionery
The following are variously colored, minced into a puree, and decorated on the core of “An” (bean jam) and others to express the seasons; “Joyo-nerikiri” which is steamed and strained “yamaimo” (Japanese yam) is simmered with sugar and cooked, “kinton-an” or “ama-an,” which is white sweet bean paste jellied by using “ kanten “(Japan agar), and “nerikiri,” which is white sweet bean paste mixed with “gyuhi” (Turkish delight).

Reference source: http://front-row.jp/news/14205
HIKIAMIKOGETSUDO: http://www.hikiami.co.jp/